Safety And Health

We want all tourists coming to India, to have safe and enjoyable holidays. Everyone visiting this beautiful land should go back with an authentic and wonderful experience, filled with good memories. For this, it is very important to know a few safety and health measures that will certainly help the tourists while they are on a trip.

Safety Measures

During the travel or sightseeing

  • Always keep copies of all your important documents (identity cards/passport, credit cards, etc.) and put them separate from the originals.
  • Take care of yourself in the same way as you would at your home.
  • Take care of your personal belongings and valuable items.
  • Always try to travel with someone you know and trust.
  • Don’t accept rides from strangers. Also, try to avoid hitchhiking.
  • If a stranger offers you a drink or some eatable item, avoid taking the same.
  • It is suggested to always carry a basic first-aid kit, for use in case of emergency.
  • Avoid overnight journeys when you are travelling in India.
  • You may find a few beggars approaching you while you are walking on the streets and some of them may be kids also. Avoid giving them money and instead, if you wish, you can offer them pens, eatable items or anything which is right for them.
  • If you smoke, then better check if the place where you want to chill doesn’t fall under the no-smoking zone.

During your stay in the hotels

Always lock your room before leaving for sightseeing or your meals in the restaurant.

Keep your valuable items inside the safe in your room.

Never leave your bags, wallets or cameras in the hotel’s reception, restaurant or any other public place.

For Female Travellers

Although the policy for women in India has been drafted to provide more safety and security to females still there are some points that female traveller should follow:

  • Avoid tight-fitting clothes and prefer wearing full sleeve tops. Wear lowers that cover your legs.
  • Do not roam in the streets late at night.
  • For your safety or to avoid any unpredictable incident, carry pepper sprays.
  • Try to sit next to other women in public areas or public transportation, particularly at night.
  • When you are alone, avoid interacting with strangers, wandering sadhus (holy men) or gurus.
  • You should always keep an emergency contact number with you.

Health Measures

  • Avoid drinking water directly from the taps. You can carry your bottles and fill them from the hotel’s or restaurant’s filter/RO System. Or, you can purchase mineral water bottles from the shops.
  • Avoid eating oily food or heavy meals while travelling. Take light meals at fewer intervals.
  • When travelling in winters, always carry woollen clothes with you as at some places the temperature may go really down causing a shivering cold.
  • Travellers who are under some medication should always carry their doctor’s certificate as a prescription for purchasing medicines.
  • If you are sensitive to allergies, you should carry a hand sanitiser with you and before taking any meals, you can rub your hands with it.
  • Till the Covid pandemic is active, always wear a mask during your travel and sightseeing. Also, keep a bottle of sanitiser with you at all times.