About Us

Three Sixty Holidays is a leading DMC (Destination Management Company) in Uttarakhand that is dedicated to providing quality travel services to all its guests. Being the dwellers of this mountainous region, we are very well aware of the varied topography of this Himalayan state where sometimes operating a tour becomes an arduous task. But, as we are committed to providing an authentic experience to the travellers who wish to explore this heaven on earth, we always go the extra mile in delivering the best of the services that make a difference in experiencing a destination. Our efforts will continue further in providing such incredible experiences to our guests.

Our Story

From being batch-mates to flat-mates to partners in business, Sunil Singh Rana and Harish Rawat started their journey in travel and tourism with their class of MBA Tourism, 2003-05 batch in Srinagar Garhwal, Uttarakhand. Both hailing from the state capital of Uttarakhand – Dehradun, are very passionate about the travel industry and thus, their common ideology brought them together at the entrepreneurship level. But before entering into the business undertaking, they both set out on their individual journey; Harish received his career call from Travelscope India Pvt. Ltd., where he worked for the next 8 years, whereas Sunil joined the premier Destination Management Company – Kuoni, and in the next 5 years, got opportunities to work with LPTI and Yatra.com as well.

Anyone moving from a place like Uttarakhand to a metropolitan city will understand the hardship that goes into making the big switch, especially when your childhood and most of your years have been nurtured amidst the nature and low rush lifestyle, which this Himalayan State offers. And likewise, our two veterans sacrificed their traditional and wholesome way of life, learned their way out within the highly competitive environment of Delhi. They made this big shift with the only compensation of getting the required exposure and great opportunities that they received career-wise.

With a mind trained around the nitty-gritty of the travel business and a heart full of emotions for the home state, Sunil quit his job in 2010 and decided to come back to start working on the inception of a DMC, focused to utilize the potential of the state of Uttarakhand. Whereas in 2012, Harish left his job and came back to become a co-director with Sunil in his project. Thus, Three Sixty Holidays Pvt. Ltd. was established, with two individuals and their overall experience that they pulled from metropolitan cities back to the Himalayas.

When it comes to Indian tourism, most of the hot spots have made it to the list of been there done that; the list that has reached its saturation point. But still, there is a tourism potential of the few remaining (highly underrated) places like in the state of Uttarakhand that is still unexplored and can attract the majority of tourists. This fact alone shapes our vision of providing sustainable as well as responsible tourism and guides our mission of working towards becoming an organized and reliable Destination Management Company of Uttarakhand.

Our Professional Travel Squad

Since its inception, Three Sixty Holidays has always aimed to provide unmatchable hospitality services to guests. And, it is only possible when we have a team of highly dedicated, skillful and enthusiastic professionals.

All our team members carry vast and hands-on experience in delivering incomparable travel services to the guests. Each and everyone have worked with renowned travel organizations in India, where they have learnt the different aspects of the industry and know the preference of travellers very much.

We always go the extra mile in providing an authentic travel experience to the guests so that they carry back the endless good memories with them.

Below is our highly motivated and goal-oriented team.

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Our Philosophy

We have been set out on a journey to transform the way tourists travel to Uttarakhand way back in the previous years. We strongly believe that by providing exclusive travel services with professionalism, we can create an incredible experience for our guests.

We are on our way to designing a journey of a lifetime for our clients by sticking closely to our philosophy, “Happiness” – Create it, Celebrate it!

Based on our philosophy, we stick to our basic principles in providing tours, transport services, knowledgeable guides and other related travel services that make our clients happy with their visit to this Himalayan state of India.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to provide authentic and inspirational local experiences of Uttarakhand with our customized tours and use our earnings in promoting this hill state.

Our Vison

We are working towards sustainable practices, to become the most organized and reliable Destination Management Company in Uttarakhand.

What Do We Offer?

Unlike any other travel company, we are more focused on giving our clients an unforgettable experience that they would carry with themselves after availing our range of professional services, rather than just being limited to providing tours and transport.

A strong association with our suppliers enables us in providing our clients with the best value for their money invested in travel.

So, what do we offer at Three Sixty Holidays Pvt. Ltd.? Below is the answer to this question!

    • Travel Consultation

      Being natives of Uttarakhand, we have first-hand knowledge of the region with a strong network; hence we provide precise consultation on travel options.

    • Accommodation Bookings

      As we understand the taste and preference of our guests, we provide or recommend only those stay options which are inspected and familiarized by us.

    • Transportation Services

      We manage well maintained neat and clean fleet of vehicles with courteous and skilled drivers.

    • Guides / Escorts

      We have a panel of professionally qualified & experienced local guides who are specialized in their respective regions.

    • Special Services

      Tourists who wish to visit Uttarakhand for special purposes like Yoga, Ayurveda or for other wellness programs, we provide or recommend them the authentic individuals or institutions.

    • MICE

      Uttarakhand is also emerging as a hotspot destination for MICE tourism. For such programs, we provide precisely organized logistics and event management for MICE operations.

    • Specialized Trips

      We are also into specialized trips where we design innovative tailor-made itineraries for special or specific interests like Birding, Photography, Rural, Study, multi-activity etc.

What Makes Us Unique?

  • The range of hotels, vehicles providers, guides etc., we use are all tried and tested before we bring them to the operational level.
  • We are a Private Limited Company that has an inherent high credibility quotient.
  • IATO member and also registered under Dept of Tourism, Govt of Uttarakhand.
  • Company managed by highly competent and qualified Directors, having MBA degree in Tourism, which provide a proficient and professional edge to the operations of the company.
  • With vast experience in the field, we know the smallest nuisances of the travel industry and understand the taste and preferences of travellers.
  • Being natives of Uttarakhand, the founders have a vast firsthand knowledge of the entire region; it is a resource with the company which is always handy in facilitating impeccable planning and immaculate conduct of the operations.
  • The Company has been delivering excellent service to its guests since its inception (Estd. 2010). It is continuously evolving with updating and innovation in every sphere of service and hospitality towards our revered guests.
  • The Company has been receiving excellent positive feedback and has a depository of almost 100% satisfied clients, which is taken as the biggest achievement by the company.

What Our Clients Say?